U-Sports Group is a Houston based Sports Marketing and Events Management Company that provides a first-class platform, enabling athletes to display their talents, positively impact the community and perform in elite competition on a national stage. The notion of blending sport and service, competition and community, entertainment and empowerment is at the heart of U-Sports Group and is reflected in our sporting events platform. We want to utilize the power of sports to provide an atmosphere and opportunity to 'Create Change in our Communities and in Ourselves'.
Founded by Rhossi Carron in 2017, U-Sports Group was formed with the goal of creating world-class events that inspire athletes to create world change. The Battleground 2k Series is the first property in the U-Sports Group inventory of events.

The Battleground 2k Series provides elite college basketball programs with an alternative to traditional MTE's and neutral-site events. Our platform was constructed with the idea of creating community change and highlighting real and relevant social issues. The Battleground 2k Series will give collegiate sports teams the opportunity to compete... not just for the sake of winning, but also for the cause of change.

If you have any questions regarding U-Sports Group or The Battleground 2k Series, please contact us.